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Social City Skyscraper Raffle 2

For those risk takers that don’t mind spending a bit of real-world currency in their Facebook games, Playdom has launched a new raffle in Social City that will have you looking towards the sky.

The Skyscraper Raffle 2 offers users a chance at winning one of 17 different, mostly extremely tall buildings for use in their towns. Each spin of the raffle costs a whopping 25 City Bucks, and you’re not guaranteed to receive a different item on subsequent spins, so collectors need to be aware of the money-sinking potential that this raffle actually has.

That being said, some of the items available to win are the TransAmerica Building, the Kuala Lumpur Towers, the CN Tower, and of course, many more.

If we know Playdom as well as we think we do, this raffle won’t be around forever, so if you’re willing to take a risk at receiving one of these buildings, it would be best to do it quickly, while it’s still around.

Social City Historic Downtown Buildings

Historic Downtown Apartment

While you might have the sprawling metropolis of your dreams in Social City, have you stopped to think about what might have made your city great? Well, Playdom clearly has with four new items in Social City that comprise the Historic Downtown set. These original brick apartments with classic arched windows and wall-crawling vines could a much needed “Old City” to the neighborhood. The Historic Downtown Apartment is open to Level 28 players for 100 thousand coins and provides 400 Population every 24 hours.

While Playdom has announced the other three buildings–Historic Downtown East, West and Corner–it seems that they’ve to make it into the game. Most likely, this is not a glitch and they’re just being rolled out slowly to players. Stay tuned for when the rest of the Historic Downtown set makes it into Social City to add some homey flavor to your town.

Social City Disney Movie Club Free City Bucks

Disney is looking to make more of their acquisition of Playdom this week, by launching a new promotion (via Playdom’s partnership with Trial Pay) in Social City, offering users a chance to receive a whopping gift of 175 City Bucks, just for signing up for Disney’s Movie Club. This is an absolutely massive amount of City Bucks, as anyone who’s played the game can attest to (the game tends to offer less free points than others). However, there’s a catch.

For those that are unfamiliar, this won’t be a free deal, and it will cost you real-world money in the long run. Disney’s Movie Club allows you to purchase Disney DVDs, sometimes at discounted prices, but you’ll need to sign up for a long term commitment with the service in order to be eligible. At this time, the club is offering 4 DVD’s for .99 each, but you’ll need to purchase at least 5 more movies within the next 24 months, presumably at full price, to be eligible.

It’s a hassle many players may not be willing to put up with, but with the chance of earning 175 City Bucks, if you’re already a fan of Disney, or had been toying with the idea of joining the movie club in the past, this might be something to look into.

Social City Skate Park

Half Pipe Grind Rail Skate Bowl

It’s been quite a while since Playdom has showered us with gifts. Alright, it hasn’t been that long, but Social City’s signature 5 Days of Gifting event has been MIA for a bit, which is why the studio is making a comeback with a Skate Park set. According to the preview posted on the Social City fan page, it looks like we’ll be treated to a half pipe complete with an airborne skater, a grind rail and even a bowl for our lovely hooligans citizens to do tricks in.

As per usual, all of these items will be free to gift over the course of five days. That also means that there are two items that we’ve yet to see. If one of them is not a full loop, I will be severely disappointed, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be gifting. I mean, who could turn down a chance to add some snot-nosed teenagers to their city? All we need now are a few disgruntled parents and policemen to create our own little Dogtown.

Social City Glee Promotion Free City Buck

Social City Sue or Shue?

Buried in the Financial News section (look for page ‘C’ in a blue square) of your Social City in-game newsletter is the chance to earn a free City Buck. American Expresses’ Members Project has partnered with Fox’s hit musical TV show “Glee”, for a commercial campaign called “Don’t be a Sue!”.

Social City and Glee with 'Don't Be a Sue'

Coach Sue Sylvester is the show’s chief villianess, and whose actress, Jane Lynch, admits is “pure evil and doesn’t hide it.” In the commercial, you can hear Sue say delightfully evil things such as, “Why should children be burdened by the tyranny of reading? Words are hard!” After viewing the commercial, you should click on “Enter Sweepstakes” in order to collect your free 1 City Buck. But if you really want to apply for the chance to hang out with the Glee cast in Los Angeles, you’ll have to follow the rest of the instructions they give you to enter the sweepstakes for real.

Social City Design Contest

Social City Design Contest Social City Design Contest

For those of you who mutter to themselves, “I could so make a better looking item than that,” as you toil away in Social City, your big break is here. Playdom jump started its Social City Design Contest today, challenging players to design their most impressive hometown landmark to be transformed into one of the game’s items.

You have until Nov. 7 to craft your best rendition of an iconic landmark from the town that raised you to be judged by a panel of Playdom-selected judges. But you won’t be let off that easily–the judges will then present their 20 chosen designs to the Social City forums for your fellow players to vote upon, leaving just one grand prize winner of 100 City Bucks and their winning design immortalized in Social City. Don’t worry if you don’t win the City Bucks, 20 runners up will be rewarded with the grand prize winner’s rendition for free. Then again, that could be seen as a slap in the face for the sore sports, but that’s more of a personal problem.

So, check out the contest’s official rules page and get to drawing up your best interpretation of your town’s most iconic landmark, Man, I just can’t wait to see how many Love Statues pop up.

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