FarmVille Download the FarmVille Toolbar to Receive Free Fuel

If you still haven’t downloaded the FarmVille Toolbar (Game Bar), Zynga is hoping that the toolbar’s latest update will be enough to change your mind and finally persuade you to download it.

The update adds an opportunity for free fuel in the game, that is redeemable once every eight hours. The toolbar will show the word “Bonus,” surrounded by two fuel cans when your bonus is ready (see the screenshot above), and by clicking on the button, you are taken to where a large banner reading “Claim Your Game Bar Fuel Bonus” will appear above the flash gameplay area, as seen below.

Once you click on this button, you’ll see that this bonus is a bit more complicated than it might outwardly apear. Depending on how many FarmVille neighbors you have that have installed the Game Bar, your chance at receiving a Large (or full) Can of Fuel vary. The more neighbors you have that have installed the toolbar, the higher your chance. That is, for 7 neighbors, as an example, you would have a 50% chance of receiving a Large Can of Fuel, but for 10 neighbors, that chance increases to 75%.

If you’re not lucky enough to receive the Large Can, you’ll receive a 1/5 Fuel Refill (all rewards will go to your gift box). While this may not sound worth it, remember that the bonus can be claimed once every 8 hours, so the chance to stock up on fuel is a good one, in the long run.

Make sure to download the FarmVille Game Bar to receive your free fuel, and head over to the game’s page to grow these new blueberries while they are still available.