Upcoming: Pioneer Pavilion & Pioneer Hammer Forge Building

Golden Trail Collection

As you may already know there is a new collection called “Golden Trail Collection” which makes you feel that we are very near to the Frontierville Pioneer Trail. Let´s see first what is the last Pioneer Trail Teaser that Frontieville released few days ago:

“We’re about to throw a Pioneer Trail send-off bash and it’ll take a lot of work (oh, about a Billion Golden Hammers‘ worth) from y’all to get ready for it! Once accomplished we’ll donate $ 200,000 to Save the Children and unlock Pioneer Trail!”


“When you hit the Pioneer Trail in the next few weeks, you’re sure to have a blast on the Avalanche Pass! In fact, a big blast of TNT may be the only way through the mountain! So keep yer friends close and yer stash of explosives even closer!”

As mentioned in the teaser they introduced us the Golden Hammers. But where you will get those Golden Hammers and finish the new collection?

It seems that there will be 2 new buildings:

  • Pioneer Pavilion
  • Pioneer Hammer Forge

and here is some pictures of those buildings:

Pioneer Hammer Forge

Frontierville Hammer Forge

Pioneer Pavilion

Pioneer Pavillion

and it seems that one of those buildings or other one we will be able to buy stuffs with the Golden Hammer, the following are the items that you can buy with those little hammers: