Activate the Unicorn Beacons to get great bonuses and rewards

So you’ve repaired and rebuilt the Beacons for the Unicornucopia Quest.  Don’t just set them aside as pretty decorations.  Use them!  You can activate any Unicorn Beacon for a cost of 1 Mythium, and get a different reward from each one.  The best part is that the Beacons remain intact!  They look just the same after activation, and you can use them over and over again.

Activate Unicorn Beacons for Rewards

Click a Beacon in your kingdom to activate it.  Pay the requirement of 1 Mythium and you’ll receive the following bonus or reward, depending on the type of Beacon you activated.

  • Beacon of Courage
                  Always gives

    • 1 Gloom Rat Potion
    • 1 Gloom Wolf Potion
    • 1 Wood Club
    • 1 XP
      Might give
    • 1 Super Clobber (90% chance) OR
    • 1 Sword (10% chance)

  • Beacon of Creativity
                  Always gives

    • 1 Flax
    • 1 Coal
    • 1 Stone Block
    • 1 XP
      Might give
    • Wool Thread (50%) or
    • Cotton Thread (50 %), plus maybe
    • Flour Sack (10%)
    • Hypercraft (10%)
  • Beacon of Friendship
                  Always gives

    • 32 Reputation
    • 1 XP
  • Beacon of Happiness
    • 6 Energy and
    • 1 XP
  • Beacon of Hope
                  Always gives

    • 3 Exploration Crystal Shards
      Might give
    • 1 Ruby
    • 1 Diamond
    • 1 Opal
    • 1 Amber
    • 1 Aquamarine
  • Beacon of Generosity
    • 5000 Coins
    • 1 Collection Box
    • 1 XP
  • Beacon of Wisdom
                  Always gives

    • 30 XP / Experience Points
      Might give
    • 3 more XP

The Unicorn Beacons are a great way to get what you need any time you play CastleVille, because you can pick and choose which Beacon to activate each time.  Collect some crafting and building materials, when you need them.  If you’re trying to explore or fight beasties, you can get help with those items.  Need more Reputation, Energy or Coins?  Grab them!  And if you just want to level up fast, get that extra bonus XP!