Bubble Safari Beehives Tips Swarm of Bees

When you hit any bubble safari beehives then you will only have 5 more shots before the swarm of bees attack the monkey ! this is really disturbing, because when the bee attack you can’t control the shooter and it will automatically shot 3 bubbles randomly :(

here are the detail explanation guide for bee hive in bubble safari :

What are Beehives ?
Beehives house a swarm of bees. Don’t disturb them or else they will attack!

When will I first encounter Beehives ?
You will first encounter Beehives in Honey Cove (level 18)

How can I disturb a Beehive ?
You can disturb a Beehive by popping bubbles attached to it.

What happens if I disturb a Beehive ?
After disturbing a Beehive, it will begin to count down. With each bubble shot from your cannon, the counter will decrease by 1.

When the counter reaches 0, a swarm of bees will fly down and attack. Bubbles will panic and shoot 3 bubbles in random directions from the cannon.

How can I get rid of a Beehive?
You can drop the Beehive or shoot it with a Coconut, Steel, Fire, Lightning, Rainbow or Bomb bubbles. If you shoot the Beehive with a regular bubble, nothing will happen to the Beehive and the bubble will turn into fruit. If you shoot the Beehive with a Paint bubble, nothing wil happen.

Which Power Up can I use against Beehives?
You can use the “Beehive” in bubble safari power up store which protects you from bees! With the help of the “Beehive” power up, you’ll be immune to your next three bee attacks!

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