Build the Monorail in CityVille! Monorail Goals and Monorail Building Materials

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Written By: admin on November 14, 2012

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The monorail is coming soon to CityVille! Is this the one feature you have been waiting to add to your City? Tell us in the comments below.

Unreleased Monorail Goals

GOAL 1: Magnificent Monorail
– Start building the Monorail System
– Place 10 Monorail Tracks
– Upgrade Monorail to Level 2
Reward: 10 Energy

GOAL 2: Laying Track
– Collect 10 Monorail Blueprints
– Place 20 Monorail Tracks
– Increase Population by 2,000
Reward: 20 Energy

GOAL 3: Fast Cash
– Collect from 20 Monorail Stations
– Collect 20 Transfer Tickets
– Upgrade 2 Monorail Stations to Level 4
Reward: 30 Energy

Below are the building materials for the Monorail System:

Click on the images below to request materials to build your Monorail System.

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