CityVille Alphabet Buildings: Goals and Materials

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Written By: admin on February 21, 2013

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Buildings A to Z Unlock and build Alphabet Buildings to add personalized messages to your city!


– Build a Print Shop (3×3 Business)
– Ask Friends for 15 Crossword Puzzles
– Spell a word with Alphabet buildings (Suggest: CITY)
Rewards: Bonus Crew, 50,000 Coins and unlock more buildings

– Upgrade the Print Shop to Level 2
– Collect from Alphabet Buildings 20 times
– Build 8 Alphabet Buildings and spell out more words
Rewards: 3 Zoning Permits, 1,500 Premium Goods and unlock more buildings

– Upgrade the Print Shop to Level 3
– Ask Friends for 20 Quills
– Build 12 Alphabet Buildings and spell out more words
Rewards: Bonus Crew, 10 Energy and unlock more buildings

Alphabet Buildings Materials
Click on the images below to request materials to build your Alphabet Buildings.

– Requires 3 of each

Note: Crayon and Neon Letter are posted to wall. Blackboard and Chalk are direct requests from friends. Alphabet Soup drops randomly from Print Shop.

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