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Written By: admin on November 4, 2012

Early access to Mistletoe Lane starts on November 5th, 2012.

When you have access to Mistletoe Lane Farm, look out for the Animal Workshop. You will be able to create your own mystery animals in the Mistletoe Lane Animal Workshop! You can find the incomplete version on your Farm when you arrive in Mistletoe Lane:

The Animal Workshop will have 3 building stages. When it is completed, you can begin crafting animals! Collect colored Spirits in 5 different colors as shown below to unlock the animals shown in the Mystery Animal Guide below.

You can do this by:

  • Asking your friends for Spirits
  • Purchasing Spirits with Farm Cash
  • Clicking on your friends’ feeds when they are sharing Spirits
  • Harvesting your Animal Workshop for Spirits

  • The Animal Workshop guide below shows you how the Animal Workshop functions:

    Note: Increasing the variety of animals in your Animal Workshop will increase your chance of harvesting a rare Spirit!

    The Mystery Animal Guide below shows all the craftable animals along with their Spirits combination.

    Mystery Animal Purple Spirit

    Pink Spirit

    Blue Spirit

    Green Spirit

    Orange Spirit

    Bumby Bear
    Max Moose
    Winston Wolf
    2 4
    Catrina Cat
    4 3
    Bentley Beagle
    4 3 2
    Mrs. Flops
    4 4 3
    Davy Deer
    5 4 4
    Petie Penguin
    4 5 4 3
    Patty Pig
    4 6 6 4
    Sinclair Sheep
    5 7 6 6
    Camilla Calf
    5 4 8 6 4
    Harrietta Horse
    6 5 8 7 6
    Eugene Unicorn
    6 8 6 10 8

    Happy animal crafting!

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