Gift Envelope Not Visible / Can’t Accept Gifts Problem Workaround

Some CastleVille players are having trouble with sending and receiving gifts in the game.  The Gift Envelope icon that you click to get to your inbox might not appear when you load the game.

Gift Envelope for Inbox and Message Center

When the Gift Envelope isn’t visible, there is no way to access the Message Center.  Without the Inbox appearing, you can’t accept gifts and help requests.  Until Zynga fixes the problem, here’s a workaround.  Simply close and reopen your browser, and then try to load the game.  If the Gift Envelope still doesn’t appear, repeat the process.  Close and restart your browser, then restart CastleVille.  If you prefer not to close your browser, then it might be enough to open a new tab to reload the game.  It may take several tries to make the Gift Envelope reappear, but usually once or twice is enough.

If you encounter this problem, you can tell Zynga it’s affecting you and vote for them to fix it, to increase the priority for this problem over other problems they may be working on.