The Pioneer Trail: 3 Year Anniversary and Missions

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Written By: admin on May 23, 2013

Howdy Pardners!

It’s been 3 years on the frontier and that’s cause for a celebration! Lets celebrate by throwing the biggest party on the homestead!

  • Gated at level 13
  • New Free Gift crop – Lavender Water Lily (5 hour harvest)
  • New Collection – 3 Year Anniversary
  • Increasing level cap to 250 (300 for VIP)!!
  • Anniversary Sale (many items either 1 HS, or HS items now coins)
  • Wrapper Mission to ramp next Tuesday (Monday is Memorial Day)
  • About 3 Year Anniversary:
    About 3 Year CelebrationFrontier Park Left

    The Missions:

    Mission 1: Celebration Time
    – Tend 15 Adult Ducks
    – Harvest 25 Passion Flowers
    – Place the Welcome Sign
    Reward: Green Lightning, 3 Frontier Fritters, Quicksilver Boots

    Mission 2: Full of Hot Air
    – Bust 2 Party Piñata (you get 2 in inventory)
    – Harvest 30 Potatoes
    – Finish phase 1 of the Frontier Park (Left Sideboard)
    Reward: 4 Pink Water Lilies, Unwither Crop, Wither Protection

    Each piñata takes 6 sweet stuffin’

    Craft Sweet Stuffin

    Mission 3: Beautiful Landscape
    – Harvest 20 Lavender Water Lilies
    – Feed 25 Geese
    – Finish phase 2 of the Frontier Park (Left Sideboard)
    Reward: 5 Steel Forges, 1 Party Fowl, Granny’s Gut Punch

    Mission 4: Water Luvin’
    – Tend Party Fowls 8 times
    – Feed 100 Adult Pigs
    – Finish the Frontier Park (Left Sideboard)
    Reward: Greenhouse Expansion, 3 Year Mystery Trunk, Bouncin Fort

    Frontier Park:
    Frontier Park Phase 1Hint: Cotton Candy – Cotton Candy Crops (now for coins). Balloon String – Fancy Cat Tails (Free gifts).

    Craft RefreshmentsFrontier Park 2Hint: Pathway Gravel – clear rocks. Perennials – frontier flowers (will be coins).

    Craft Partition FlagCraft Park BenchFrontier Park Phase 3Hint: Beach Ball – Sieve Stations. Dry Towels – Adult Mouflon Sheep.

    Craft Celebration BannerCraft DockFrontier Park Phase 4Hint: Bag of popcorn – popcorn kettles (free gifts). Frontier frisbee – adult cows.

    Craft Kiddie TrainCraft Bouncing House

    New on Free Gift Page: Lavender Water Lily
    Free Lavender Water Lily

    New Collection: 3 Year Anniversary
    3 Year Anniversary Collection

    Anniversary Sale (limited time)

    Wrapper: (Tuesday) 5/28

    On to 4
    – Finish the 3 Year Anniversary Collection
    – Bust 6 Party Pinatas
    – Collect 8 Party Blankets – feed Shaggy Llamas
    Reward: Animal Hospital Expansion, Crazier Cake, Spiced Deer Jerky

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