[The Pioneer Trail] Build a Twins Nursery!

Howdy Pardners!

Hank & Fanny’s family is growing! Help Hank build a Nursery and craft new toys for their newborns!

  • New Nursery Collection
  • New Free Gift Page Crop (Cherry Tomato)
  • New Crops: Cherry Tomatoes, Broccoli

  • We anticipate this is will be a medium term feature for most players and that the difficulty level is medium.

    About Nursery:

    The Missions:

    Mission 1: Make Room for Babies
    – Harvest 30 Sunflowers
    – Craft 1 Baby Proof Ram (it’ll be in your inventory!)
    – Finish the Nursery (Phase 1)
    Reward: 450 XP, Granny’s Gut Punch, All you can eat (2)

    Hint: Sell adult ducks or chickens for feather padding

    These are animals you keep after crafting!

    Mission 2: Work & Play
    – Harvest 30 Broccoli
    – Craft 2 Baby Proof Bulls
    – Finish the Playroom (Phase 2)
    Reward: 950 XP, Quick Draw Quaff, Decorative Dollhouse

    Mission 3: Grounds for Fun
    – Tend 12 Baby Proof Rams
    – Collect 30 Cool Lemonade (harvest lemon trees)
    – Finish the Playground (Phase 3)
    Reward: 1400 XP, Green Lightning, A Playground

    Mission 4: Play it Safe
    – Harvest 40 Cherry Tomatoes (on free gift page)
    – Collect 20 Safety Ties
    – Craft 20 Baby Proof Animals (either ram or bull)
    Reward: 2200 XP, 2400 Coins, 2 Spring Riders (you can mount them)

    New area on the side (changes with progress)

    Available on the Free Gift Page: Cherry Tomato

    New Crops in Market: Cherry Tomato and Broccoli

    New Nursery Collection:

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