[The Pioneer Trail] Fanny’s Baby Shower Missions

Howdy Pardners!

Bess is throwing Fanny a surprise baby shower but needs your help prepping it. Get some baby themed rewards along the way!

  • You must be at least level 15
  • There are 4 new missions

  • Place the Baby Shower Garden (this is not a buildable, and is a small footprint)

    About Fanny’s Baby Shower:

    Here comes the missions:

    Mission 1: Scrubbin for a Shower
    – Craft or have 4 baby booties
    – Clear 12 Skulls
    – Send Invites for the Baby Shower
    Reward: 250XP, 250 Coins, 2 Hazelnut Trees

    Tend Adult Geese to get stuffing.

    Mini Chocolates drop from Chocolate Hearts.

    Mission 2: Bakin and Decoratin
    – Craft or have 120 Choco-nut Squash
    – Sell 30 Fully Grown White Peach Trees (found on Free Gift page)
    – Do the party prep for the baby shower
    Reward: 500XP, 500 Coins, Baby Shower Flower Crate

    Vanilla Orchards drop Natural Vanilla.

    Mission 3: Party Time
    – Craft 4 Chocolate Chip Cookies
    – Harvest 50 Flax on your homestead
    – Organize a party game at the shower
    Reward: 750XP, 750 Coins, 1 Baby shower animal crate

    Chop oak trees to get oak twig.

    Mission 4: Showered with Gifts
    – Craft or have 5 bouquets of Roses
    – Sell 20 Adult Loverly Cows
    – Give Fanny her gifts at the shower
    Reward: 1000XP, 1000 Coins, Sheep in a cradle

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