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Written By: admin on October 11, 2012

Howdy Pardners!

Build a place for Private John’s family to stay while he gets back on his feet! Your compassion for John can help you earn a fully healed animal daily!

  • Gated at level 25 & have a spouse
  • Uses the right sideboard
  • New Free Gift crop – Lavender (2 hour harvest)
  • Doc will drop a healed animal daily when completed

  • About Helping Soldiers:

    The Missions:

    Mission 1: Training Trouble
    – Heal 2 Injured Black Deer (uses Critter Milk to heal)
    – Gather 10 Clover Clusters – harvest Clover crops
    – Click on the Right sideboard “what is this”
    Reward: 500 XP, 1500 Coins, Sleeping Donkey

    Mission 2: Home for a Hero
    – Heal 3 Injured Stag (uses Rescue Supplies to heal)
    – Harvest 19 Aloe Vera Crops (free gifts, you may have some in inventory)
    – Finish phase 1 of the sideboard
    Reward: 1000 XP, Dinner, 2 Shaggy Llamas

    Hint: Tend Adult Sheep for Coarse Wool.

    Mission 3: Fixing it Up
    – Craft 3 Springy Beds
    – Gather 9 Comfy Rugs – Tend Shaggy Llamas (you just got 3)
    – Finish phase 2 of the sideboard
    Reward: 1500 XP, 5 Lavender crops, 5 Soothing Serum

    Mission 4: Help for a Hero
    – Help Mrs Stubby
    – Gather 29 Medicinal Tea – harvest Lavender Crops (free gifts)
    – Finish phases 3&4 of the sideboard
    Reward: Lumber Tree Serum, Stubby Pup, Doc drops healed animals

    Soldier’s House Phase 1:
    Hint: Clear Debris for Diggin’ Spades, Feed Adult Pigs for Clay Bricks, Harvest Potatoes for Tater Salad.

    Soldier’s House Phase 2:
    Hint: Harvest Hide Preppin Stations (free gifts) for Leather Lashing.

    Soldier’s House Phase 3:
    Hint: Tend Stubby pups or Fisher kitties for Slobbery Kisses (heal Mrs stubby for a Stubby pup).

    Soldier’s House Phase 4:
    Hint: Harvest White Peach Trees for Granny’s Cobbler, harvest Cashew Trees for cashew bearing oil.

    New crop on Free Gift Page: Lavender (2 hour harvest)

    Fisher House Timed Quest:

    Mission: Help for a Hero
    – Click on the right hand sideboard
    – Harvest 40 Sparkling Roses (free gifts)
    – Collect 29 Well Wishes from friends
    Reward: 1500 XP, 2 Lavender Crops, Stubby Pup

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