The Pioneer Trail: Holiday Decorations and Missions

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Written By: admin on November 29, 2012

Howdy Pardners!

Winter Holidays are fast approaching! Decorate trees, bake gingerbread men, raise reindeer, and earn festive gifts!

  • Gated at level 20
  • New Crop – Ornament – 3 hour harvest (free gift)
  • New Holiday Decoration Collection
  • Partner up to light up a holiday tree, ginger bread house or a reindeer
  • Items are storable in the Show Pen

  • About Holiday Decorations:

    The Missions:

    Mission 1: It Takes a Village

    • Place the Holiday Glade
    • Harvest 25 Gumdrops
    • Add Festive Flare to Starter Holiday Tree Decorations 4 times

    Rewards: Giant Red Candy Cane, Holiday Tree Quilt Patch, Flashing Tree

    Possible trees:

    Mission 2: Heaven Scent

    • Harvest 25 Mnt Blueberries (free gifts, you may have them in inventory from past)
    • Add Festive Flare to Gingerbread House Decorations 15 times
    • Finish Phase 1 of the Holiday Glade

    Rewards: 2 Gingerbread Huts, Gingerbread Quilt Patch, Gingerbread Man

    Possible Gingerbread Houses:

    Mission 3: Reindeer Float

    • Collect 20 Perfect Ornaments (often drop from Ornament crops)
    • Add Festive Flare to Holiday Reindeer Decorations 24 times
    • Finish Phase 2 of the Holiday Glade

    Rewards: Mystery Reindeer Crate, Reindeer Quilt Patch, Reindeer Prince

    Mission 4: Get Decked Out

    • Collect 35 Figgy Puddings (drop from Fig Trees)
    • Get 2 Lit Holiday Decorations (get score over 100)
    • Finish the Holiday Glade

    Rewards: 5 Giant Blue Candy Canes, 2 Candy Cane Quilt Patches, Festive Polar Bear

    Holiday Glade:
    Hint: Soy Flour – often from Soybeans, Baker’s Sugar – Occasionally from Sugar Cane

    Hint: Pine seeds – usually from non-sapling pine trees

    Hint: Winter Oats – usually from Oats (free gifts)

    New Holiday Decoration Collection:

    New crop on Free Gift Page – Ornament (3 hour harvest)

    Happy Holidays!

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