The Pioneer Trail: Scavenger Hunt and Missions

About Scavenger Hunt:
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The Missions:

Mission 1: Berry Brigade
– Collect the bonus from the Bison Cart 1 time
– Gather 10 Big Bearberries (harvest Bearberries, new coin crop)
– Ask friends for 8 Clearin’ Cutters
Reward: Flying Squirrel tree, 3 Wild Mushrooms, Random Boost

Mission 2: Squirrel, Interrupted
– Gather 8 Stubbly Fruit – drops from Lemon trees
– Craft 4 Safety Ropes
– Tend a Flying Squirrel Tree 6 times
Reward: Redder Squirrel, 2 Sharp Axes, Fully Grown Oak tree

Craft Safety Rope

Mission 3: In the Thicket of it
– Tend Redder Squirrels 4 times
– Ask for 18 Tasty Hazelnuts from friends
– Search a Clumped Thicket (takes 10 Shroom baskets)
Reward: 4 Shroom Baskets, Goat Allure, Random Boost

Craft Shroom BasketScavenger Map

Mission 4: A River Runs Through It
– Gather 8 Milkberries – drops from Coffee Trees
– Gather 8 Minnow Schools – Fish in your Fishing Pond
– Harvest 25 Purple Echinacea
Reward: Golden Eagle, 3 Wild Mushrooms, Random Boost

Mission 5: Organized Climb
– Gather 12 Climbin’ Spikes – Clear Rocks
– Craft 10 Safety Ropes
– Ask for 15 Dingy Feathers from friends
Reward: Black Eagle, Early Bird Boost, Fully Grown Pine

Mission 6: An Eagle Has Landed
– Tend a Golden Eagle 8 times
– Ask for 20 Hazlenuts
– Search through a Canyon Crag (Each crag takes 10 Climbin’ Pouch)
Reward: 4 Climbin’ Pouches, Pig Allure, Random Boost

Craft Climbin Pouch

Mission 7: Waterlogged Wildlife
– Ask for 12 Dingy Feathers
– Craft 5 Boot Covers
– Harvest 10 Red Clovers
Reward: Swamp Rat, 3 Wild Mushrooms, Random Boost

Craft Boot Covers

Mission 8: Marshy Mushrooms
– Gather 24 Damp Lichen – Drop from Oak Trees
– Craft 6 Dry Suits
– Gather 12 Tasty Hazelnuts from friends
Reward: Brown Horse, Aged Salmon, Fully Grown Willow

Craft Dry Suit

Mission 9: Swamp Rat-A-Tat
– Tend Swamp Rats 10 times
– Craft 6 Safety Ropes
– Search a Swampy Pool (Each swamp pool takes 10 swamp bags)
Reward: 4 Swamp Bags, Cow Allure Boost, Random Boost

Craft Swamp Bag

3 Wrappers (Each opens up with the Map section associated opens)

1. Forested Development
– Place the Bison Cart
– Complete all 3 Forest Foraging Missions
– Collect 3 Forestry Stores – Wildwood crates drop Forestry Stores (from the Wildwood collection)
Reward: Unlock Sheep Allure Craft, Sheep Allure Boost, 2 Lumber Spirit Crystals

2. Chasm Canvassing
– Complete all 3 Canyon Accumulation Missions
– Tend 200 Oxen
– Collect 3 Canyoneer Stores – Drops from the Chasm Crate – Chasm collection
Reward: Unlock Ox Allure Craft, Ox Allure Boost, 3 Cattle Power

3. Swampy Science
– Complete all 3 Swamp Search Missions
– Tend 150 Adult Brown (non-rideable) Horses
– Collect 2 Dampened Stores – Drops from the everglade crate – Everglade Collection
Reward: Unlock Horse Allure Craft, Horse Allure Boost, 2 Animal Spirit Crystals

New on Free Gift Page: Wild Mushroom
Wild Mushroom

3 New Collections: Wildwood, Chasm, Everglade
Wild Wood Collection
Chasm & Everglade Collections

Wrapper: (Monday) 6/3/2013

Animal Magnetism
– Craft 4 Sheep Allure Boosts
– Craft 4 Ox Allure Boosts
– Craft 4 Horse Allure Boosts
Reward: 25,000 XP, 25 Horseshoes, Random Boost

Sheep AllureOx AllureHorse Allure

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