The Pioneer Trail: Soda Shop and Missions

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Written By: zgs on June 20, 2013

Howdy Pardners!

Doc discovered a watery goldmine on the homestead! Come together as a community and contribute Bubblin’ Water for amazing prizes that everyone can win!


  • Gated at level 18
  • 2 New Free Gift crops – Stevia 8 hour harvest, Kiwi (3 hour harvest after using 1 bubbling water)
  • New Sweepstakes
  • New Collection – Soda
  • New Premium Water Tree – Lime
  • 1 Wrapper for next Monday

  • About Soda Shop:
    About SodaAbout Soda ShowersSoda Meter

    The Missions:

    Mission 1: Getting Involved
    – Tend 15 Adult Imported silver sheep
    – Harvest 25 Passion Flowers
    – Place the Soda Shop
    Reward: 5 Bubblin’ Water, Quicksilver Boots, 2 Pump Grease

    Mission 2: Reach Out
    – Grease 2 Bubblin’ Pumps
    – Contribute 20 Bubblin’ Water
    – Finish Phase 1 of the Soda Shop
    Reward: Granny’s Gut Punch, Huckleberry Pie, 2 Kiwi

    Craft Pump GreaseBottle Donation

    Mission 3: Work Smart
    – Harvest 20 Kiwi
    – Harvest 60 Cranberries
    – Finish Phase 2 of the Soda Shop
    Reward: Bubbles the turtle, Loyal Pioneer, Lime Tree

    Mission 4: Experiment
    – Tend Lime Trees 6 times
    – Harvest 80 Imported Boysenberries
    – Finish Phase 3 of the Soda Shop
    Reward: Spicy Deer Jerky, Green Lightning, Red Eye

    Mission 5: What a Gas
    – Harvest 40 Kiwi
    – Tend Bubbles the turtle 12 times
    – Finish the Soda Shop
    Reward: Soda Sign, 5 Aged Salmon, Beef Jerky

    Soda Shop:
    Soda Shop Phase 1Hint: Booth leather – hide prepping stations. Booth Stuffing – adult sheep.

    Soda Shop Phase 2Hint: Tabletop – fully grown pine trees. Table Leg – skulls.

    Craft Bottle CrateSoda Shop Phase 3Hint: Sweet treat – Mt blueberries. Sugary syrup – sugar cane.

    Craft Mystery SodaCraft Soda BarSoda Shop Phase 4Hint: Nice Napkin – harvest silk.

    Craft Soda KegCraft Player Piano

    New Collection:
    Soda Collection

    New on Free Gift Page:
    Free Kiwi

    Wrapper: (Monday) 6/24

    Soda Pop
    – Complete the Soda Collection 3 times
    – Contribute 400 Bubblin’ Water
    – Harvest 50 Stevia Crops
    Reward: Raging Buffalo, 2 Minty Mochas, Chocolate Rush

    Here is the visual guide:
    Soda Shop Guide

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