The Pioneer Trail: Ted’s Mysterious Past and Missions

About The Warehouse:
About Warehouse 1About Warehouse 2

The Missions:

Mission 1: The Unusual Suspects
– Clear 12 Rocks
– Harvest 25 Apple Trees
– Place the Warehouse
Reward: Inspector Woolsworth sheep, 5 Poison Ivy, Fully Grown Hickory

Mission 2: Where-House
– Harvest 18 Poison Ivy
– Gather 4 Pieces of Evidence (open Suspicious Photos, fingerprinted guns, handwritten documents)
– Finish phase 1 of the Warehouse
Reward: Sleuthy McWoofer, Ted’s Lockbox, Quick Draw Quaff

For evidence – open Ted’s Lockbox or Ted’s Chest – each takes 3 Inspection Gloves (wall post)

Mission 3: Analyze This
– Tend Adult Sleuthy McWoofer 5 times
– Analyze 12 pices of evidence (Each take 3 suspicious photos, but you may need to open more “Ted’s chests” to get the items needed.)
– Finish phase 2 of the Warehouse
Reward: Bandito Raccoon, Espresso Boost, Cattle Power

Mission 4: Analyze This
– Tend Bandit Raccoons 12 times
– Collect 6 Not Guilty Verdicts (photo, fingerprint, handwriting analyzers drop them)
– Finish phase 3 of the Warehouse
Reward: Great Goose Detective, 7 Course Feast, Peppermint Earthquake

Mission 5: The Not-So-Great Escape
– Harvest 50 Poison Ivy
– Shred 18 Guilty Verdicts (free gifts) – each Takes 1 guilty verdict
– Complete the Warehouse
Reward: 100 Gold Dust, Silver Scales of Justice, 2 Smoked Buffalo Ribs


Analysis Paralysis
– Analyze 15 Suspicious Photos
– Analyze 15 Fingerprinted Guns
– Analyze 15 Handwritten Documents
Reward: Money Bags, Uptown Chicken, 3 Frontier Works Crates

Build Warehouse:

Warehouse Phase 1
Warehouse Phase 1Hint: Rat Poison – Harvest Nightshade (free gifts). Feed Adult Geese.

Warehouse Phase 2
Warehouse Phase 2Hint: Pipe – harvest Reeds (free gifts). Sleeping mat – feed adult llamas (coin ones).

Craft Box CameraCraft Secret Rations

Warehouse Phase 3
Warehouse Phase 3Hint: Knife – harvest green essence labs. Beard – clear grass.

Craft Frontier Forklift

Warehouse Phase 4
Warehouse Phase 4Hint: Tape – harvest bull thistle.

Craft Warehouse CraneCraft hHuman Trap

New on Free Gift Page:
Free Poison Ivy

New Collection: Train Robber
Train Robber Collection

Wrapper: Monday 8/19/2013

Secret Wedding
– Cover Bess n Ted’s Tracks (clear rocks)
– Tend Inspector Woolsworth 12 times
– Ask for 25 Clever Disguises (from friends)
Reward: 2 Sheep Allure Boosts, Doc’s Growth Formula, Animal Vaccine Boost


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