[The Pioneer Trail] The Frontier Games, Missions and Collections

We anticipate this is will be a medium term feature for most players and that the difficulty level is medium.

About The Frontier Games:

The Missions:

Mission 1: Let the Games Begin
– Place The Frontier Torch
– Place a Log Sawin Game
– Use 3 Frontier Saws on any Log Sawin Game
Rewards: 200 XP, 3 Frontier Flowers, 2 Olive Trees

Mission 2: Lighting the Way
– Harvest 40 Frontier Flowers (on free gift page)
– Use Frontier Saws 12 more times
– Finish Phase 1 of the Torch
Rewards: Rock Chippin Game unlock, Frontier Cows, 800 XP

Mission 3: Between a Rock & Hard Place
– Tend Frontier Games Cows 15 times
– Use the Frontier Hammers on any Rock Chippin Game
– Upgrade the Torch to Phase 2
Rewards: Weed Pullin Game Unlocked, 2 Frontier Medal trees, 1500 XP

Mission 4: Prove your Medal
– Use the Frontier Pulleys on any Weed Pullin Game
– Collect the Daily Bonus on any 5 Frontier Games trophies
– Upgrade the Torch to Phase 3
Rewards: 2 Frontier Fritters (Triple XP & Double Movement for 2 hours), Track Suit Cow, 8500 XP

Wrapper Mission:

Mystery of the Games
– Turn in the Log Sawin Collection
– Turn in the Rock Chippin Collection
– Turn in the Weed Pullin Collection
Rewards: 20,000 XP, Greek Bear, 15 Horseshoes

Frontier Torch Phase 1
Hint: Clear neighbor’s debris for Flags.

Frontier Torch Phase 2
Hint: Harvest Red Roses for Flowerbeds.

Frontier Torch Phase 3
Hint: Harvest Steel Forges for Bronze Medals.

Hint: Tend Weighed in Prized Pigs for Fancy Ribbons.

Games Manager:

Once you have finished a game you can get a score and trophy from the judges:

The 3 Frontier Games Trophies (storable in the shed)

New items on Free Gift Page

3 New Collections: Log Sawin, Rock Chippin, and Weed Pullin

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