The Pioneer Trail: Totem Poles and Missions

About Totem Poles:
About TotemAbout Totem 2

The Missions:

Mission 1: Spiritual Boost
– Tend 15 Adult Sheep
– Harvest 20 Cranberries
– Place the Totem Workshop
Reward: 3 Spirit Feed, Animal Totem, Unlock Animal Power Stone

Mission 2: Animal Instinct
– Use the Animal Totem (inventory) to boost up to 4 animals (place baby animals next to the animal totem)
– Heal 2 Lost Souls (you got 2 from placing the Totem Workshop) – each lost soul takes 10 Spirit Feed, wall post give/get 1
– Finish Phase 1 of the Totem Workshop
Reward: 5 Indian Paintbrush, 1 Quick Draw Quaff, Unlock Crop Spirit Crystal

Animal Totem

Mission 3: Powerful Stones
Craft a Crop Spirit Crystal
Harvest 20 Indian Paintbrush (free gifts)
Finish Phase 2 of the Totem Workshop
Reward: Spiced Deer Jerky, 5 Bamboo crops, 5 Steel Forges

Craft Crop Spirit Crystal

Mission 4: Quick Crops
– Build the Crop Spirit Totem (Place a Base Totem)
– Activate Crop Spirit Totem (place new crops near it when it is built)
– Finish Phase 3 of the Totem Workshop
Reward: Eagle’s Nest, Aged Salmon, 5 Indian Paintbrush

Totem WorkshopHint: Ceremonial pigment – indian paintbrush crops. Stone press – clear rocks.

Craft Totem ToolsCraft Woodworking Tools

Mission 5: Unlock the Forest
– Collect 30 Ceremonial Pigment (harvest Indian Paintbrush)
– Tend Eagle’s Nest 8 times (deco so it stores in the Storage Shed)
– Finish the Totem Workshop
Reward: Animal Spirit Crystal, Crop Whisperer, Unlock Lumber Spirit Crystal

Totem Workshop:
Totem Phase 1Hint: Loyal Leash – adult cows. Animal claw – clear grass debris.

Craft Woodcarving AdzeCraft Bark ChipperTotem Phase 2Hint: Wood sealer – tend sheep. Finishing oil – adult chickens.

Craft Detail KnifeCraft Artist Saw
Totem Phase 3Hint: Early Harvest – Fig Trees. Ancient sickle – Sugar Cane.

Craft Traditional AxeTotem Phase 4Hint: Ancient Axe – harvest maize.

Craft Carving Bench

New on Free Gift Page: Indian Paintbrush
Indian Paintbrush

Wrapper: (To be released on Monday 4/29)

Totem Power
– Tend Spirit Ravens 6 times (can drop from Lost Souls)
– Tend Spirite Hawks 4 times
– Repower Spirit Totems 5 times (Click on expiring Totems to bring up the repower option.
Reward: Giant Cornucopia, 2 Animal Totem Crystals, 50% more powerful Totems

Totem Guide

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