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Crowdstar Gamebar free Premium Items

The last time Happy Pets players got a glimpse of the Crowdstar Cat was in April, where Crowdstar give it away as a Limited Edition pet during the 5th and final day of its first Fan Appreciation Week. If you missed out on the free star-studded kitty by failing to log-in on Day 5, installing the Crowdstar Gamebar now will give you a second chance.

Happy Pets Crowdstar Cat
While the CrowdStar Gamebar has been available for some time, there was never really any incentive for players to install it, that is, until now, as CrowdStar has updated the bar to offer rewards to players in four different games, should they choose to download it.

In Happy Pets, players will receive the CrowdStar Cat, which was first made available as part of the CrowdStar fan appreciation week back in April.

In Happy Aquarium, you’ll receive the rare Rainbow Shark.

In Happy Island, you’ll receive a free Castle, which appears to fall in line with the Lord of the Rings / Medieval items released in the game over the last few days.

Finally, in Zoo Paradise, you’ll receive a free Pink Sea Turtle.

The process for receiving any of these items is incredibly simple. If you don’t receive a pop-up introducing you to the Gamebar the next time you play any of these games, you can initiate the process yourself by heading over to the Gamebar’s official website by clicking on this link.

From there, you’ll need to click on the “Download Gamebar” link, and let the bar download to your computer. Once it has been downloaded, double click on the file to let it install, and follow the instructions to finish the process, including restarting your browser.

When you log back into your game of choice, you should see a pop-up thanking you for downloading and installing the bar, and a notification of where your new item can be found (in the case of the CrowdStar Cat, for example, it can be found in your Happy Pets gift box).

It should be noted that the Gamebar currently only works on Windows computers (sorry Mac owners), and only on Internet Explorer and Firefox. Additionally, feel free to remove the Game Bar after you’ve collected all of the items you want – the games will have no idea you’ve done so, and you’ll get to keep your prizes.