Mafia Wars Build an Armory Guide

In addition to the Chop Shop and Weapons Depot, there is now a new building available for you to outfit and utilize in Mafia Wars. The building comes in the form of the Armory, which will allow you to build, you guessed it, pieces of armor for your mafia.

The Armory is available to collect from once every 24 hours, and it starts at level one. This first level will allow you to build a “Random Common Armor,” so long as you have 2 Armor Parts on your account. One piece of random common armor could be a Rigged Traffic Cone, for instance, that comes with 28 Attack and 19 Defense stats. For a lower level player, that wouldn’t be so bad, but if you want a larger, more protective item, you’ll need to upgrade your Armory to another level.

The Armory can progress up to level 10, which will then reward you with items like Full Body Armor, an MNU Suit, or Power Armor – items with stats ranging from 31-53, but which also come with some added benefits, like boosts to your health, defense, attack, energy and stamina, depending on the item you create. Once you get to these high levels, you’ll also need to use things like Bio Monitors and Micro Fission Cells, in addition to Armor Parts, to create your items.

As for building up your Armory, if you’ve worked with either the Chop Shop or the Weapons Depot in the past, you’ll be right at home with the system here. You’ll be able to post a news item to your wall each time you begin a new level of the Armory, which asks your friends to send you construction parts.

For the first level of the Armory, you’ll need to collect 25 ingredients in total, five each of five different items: Hammers, Rivets, Furnace, Vices, and Anvils. You can purchase these ingredients for 1 Reward Point each (for a total of 25 Reward Points), or you can click on the “Ask for More” button associated with each ingredient to post another item to your wall asking for that particular part.

Once you activate your Armory for the first time, you’ll be able to build more parts after 24 hours. You’ll be given a small amount of Armor Parts for continuing to play the game, and you’ll be able to receive bonus parts as a loot drop from jobs at random.

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