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Word Smack brings Lingo-style fun to Android for free

If you’re familiar with the game show Lingo, then you might be interested in Word Smack, Electronic Arts’ head-to-head word guessing game that sees you guessing five letter words after being given just the first and last letter of each.

Originally released on iOS late last year, Word Smack is now available on Android for free through an ad-supported version of the game. In each head-to-head battle, you’ll compete in three rounds against a friend or stranger to see who can earn the most points. Both players start with the same number of guesses that can be used in an attempt to solve words until they run out. The more words you solve, the more points you’ll earn, increasing your chances of winning.

Solving words is sometimes easier said than done, as you’ll need to rule out incorrect letters, and will sometimes find letters that are in the final word, but currently in the wrong place. For instance, let’s say your final word is “Silky,” but you guess “Shiny.” Here, you’d be told that the “I” is in the wrong place, and would then need to figure out where to place it, all without running out of guesses for the overall game, or for that particular word.

Word Smack is definitely one of those games that’s easier to understand as you play it, rather than in reading about it, and thankfully, EA does a great job of transferring the feeling of the television show to a mobile experience. If you’d like to try Word Smack for yourself, you can now download the game for free on either Android or iOS.

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Game of the Day: Farmington Tales

Today’s Game of the Day mixes two genres that you might not instantly think go together: farming simulation and hidden object. In Big Fish’s Farmington Tales, the two actually work together perfectly, as players are given the opportunity to take over an old farm that has fallen into disrepair.

An old farmer named Floyd has taken an expensive loan out on his property to stay afloat, and you’ll need to help him find items around the farm that can be sold to make payments. The game’s hidden object scenes take place all over the farm, from the farmhouse itself to the old barn out back and more. You’ll earn coins for finding items, and while your overall goal may be to help Floyd get out of debt, you’ll eventually come across enough money to start repairing the farm and grow crops.

As you grow crops or harvest animals for items like milk, they’ll be sold automatically in the market at the edge of the farm, allowing you to go back to finding more hidden objects to sell. Once you’re really rolling in profits, you can choose from a variety of projects at the bottom of the screen like repairing the farm’s fences or painting some of its buildings. These tasks allow you to customize the farm with the repair option of your choice, so it’s unlikely that your farm will look exactly like someone else’s. Farmington Tales offers tons of fun and depth, and you can now play the game for free right now on!

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Game of the Day: Flying Cookie Quest

In the United States of Biscuits, a brave panda has a dream: to escape the power and rule of the giant Biscuit Head by creating a rocket powered by cookies. That storyline sure is unique, and it just so happens to be the premise behind today’s Game of the Day: Flying Cookie Quest.

Megazorb’s Flying Cookie Quest sees you timing the launch of the panda from a cannon based on a cycling power bar. Once you launch the panda, he’ll bounce off of animals both on the ground and in the sky, and you’ll collect cookies all along the way. The farther the panda goes, the higher your score and the more cookies you’ll earn. Cookies, in turn, can be used to upgrade the panda and his launch cannon. These upgrades will allow the panda to fly farther than in your previous game, until you collect enough cookies to unlock the next upgrade, and so on.

Once you unlock some major rocket upgrades, you’ll be able to control the panda in the sky, causing him to smash to the ground with enough force to bounce back up into the air again. You’ll also be confronted by the evil Biscuit Head and will launch into a timed clicking mini-game to escape. To say that Flying Cookie Quest is a unique little game would be an understatement, and it’s really something you need to try for yourself. Luckily, you can play the game for free right now, right here on!

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Angry Birds Star Wars makes surprise landing on Facebook for the fans

Angry Birds Star Wars FacebookMan, that’s some cloaking device. Rovio has surprised everyone with a new Facebook game. Well, sort of–Angry Birds Star Wars is now available on the social network, the developer announced on its fan page. Of course, it’s free-to-play, currently offering the entirety of the Tatooine levels for nothing at all, but with a host of power-ups, boosts and even monthly subscriptions available in the in-game shop.

It’s quite the early Christmas (or late Hanukkah) gift, offering essentially an entire game released on mobile for free on the social gaming platform of choice. Angry Birds Star Wars on Facebook essentially takes on the Angry Birds Friends format on the whole, but with the levels and power-ups offered when it first arrived earlier this season.

That means weekly tournaments are totally a thing in this version of the branded Angry Birds game, as are leaderboards, gifting and all the other bells and whistles you can expect from a Rovio-made Facebook game. So, go forth, young padawan, and save the galaxy–or your Monday–from boredom.

Click here to play Angry Birds Star Wars on Facebook >

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The Sims Social: Boost your Sim’s mood with Tostitos branded bonuses

While Dunkin Donuts and Cornetto items have been available in the Sims Social for some time, a new real world brand has come to the game as well: Tostitos. Long time Facebook gamers might remember that Tostitos was found in another Facebook game prior to this, as branded items were released in FarmVille early last year. In the Sims Social, players can now send and receive a set of Tostitos themed boost to their friends, which can be used to enhance their Sims’mood.

To be specific, these “Tostitos Original Tortilla” and “Tostitos Scoops!” items have been released on the game’s free gifts page, and will be available to send to your neighbors for a limited time. When your friend accepts one, they can find it in their backpack, and upon use, it will boost their Sim’s mood while also fulfilling some of its hunger requirement.

Unfortunately, these items don’t offer any free energy points, but they’re a neat and fun little add-on to the game all the same. It’s not unlikely that further Tostitos content will be released in the Sims Social before all is said and done, and we’ll make sure to let you know if that happens. Stay tuned!

Play The Sims Social on Facebook now >

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Free Energy (August 14, 2012)

Rooms in the House, Items, and other ideas

I don’t see any way to rotate a room. I really would like that option. I have this dream home I designed for myself and am trying to recreate it in The Ville because it seem like the best place to test sizes and layout!

I would like odd shaped rooms, meaning rooms with bay windows or diagonal space instead of four corners. It would be neat if we chose the rooms floor, then built the walls where we want them.

Also, I haven’t seen anything for a laundry room. You have us buy all this clothing with no way to wash it!! Laundry space and all its accessories would be rather needful. I want a 6×10 hall way space to put my laundry in!

Need more bookcase options, some that are shelved completely like they sit in the walls, some with glass see through doors. You may want to take a look at some furniture magazines to get more options for us. PS Things seem way to costly to early in the game. Even with 6 production things running its taking me days to save up for items quests call for.

Options to change colors of towels, bedding, etc. I like certain bed frame, but don’t like the sheets on it. Like another frames sheet/bedding but not the frame!

Are we going to get Stairs? Second Levels? Vaulted Ceilings?

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