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The Pioneer Trail: Jack’s Memories Missions

Jacks Memories Missions

Jacks Memories MissionsHowdy Pardners! Jack’s definitely getting wistful and nostalgic as he sorts through all his stuffs and builds his new wagon. He’s decided to sit down with his scrapbook and reminisce about all the amazing things that have happened to him over the years on the Frontier.

• 1 Wrapper with 9 Missions and a Monday Mission
• New decoration: Jack’s Scrapbook
Jack's Scrapbook

Jack’s Memories

Jack's Memories
– Complete Jack Remembers Bess and Ted’s Family
– Complete Jack Remembers Leisure
– Complete Jack’s Work

Rewards: Rescuer Boost, 15 Horseshoes, 1,500 Gold Dust

• Mission begins from Jack’s Scrapbook.

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The Pioneer Trail: Jack’s Wagon Missions

Jack's Wagon Missions
Howdy Pardners! Jack’s been acting a bit funny lately. He’s determined to get himself a new shiny wagon and sort out all the stuff that’s been accumulated over the years to give us all some more storage room. Let’s give him a hand…

• 5 New Missions
• Free Gift Crop and Tree: Cyclamen and Laurel
CyclamenLaurel Tree

• New Four Stage Building: Jack’s Wagon (Decoration)
Jack's Wagon

• New Healable Items: Jack’s Belongings (4 stages, similar to the Harvest Baskets)
Jack's Belongings

MISSION 1: Strange Mood

Strange MoodJack's Belongings
– Harvest 20 Chamomile
– Harvest 25 Party Poppers
– Place Jack’s Wagon

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The Pioneer Trail: Rumors Spreading Missions

Rumors Spreading MissionsHowdy Pardners! Bart and Bert have brought with them all kinds of tales about what life is like out on the West Coast… From surfing to chewing gums via hunky shirtless men and ladies in risque outfits. So join in on some totally fun surprises!

• 2 Wrappers with 8 Missions and a Monday Mission
• New Crop and Free Gift – Green Mist
Green Mist

• New decorations: Incredible Hearsay, Girly Gossip, Strong Accusation
HearsayGirly GossipStrong Accusation

• New Injured Animal: Bert and Bart’s Camp
Bert and Bart's Camp

• Special Rewards: Skateboard, Hula Hottie, Surfer Dude Outfit
SkateboardHula HottieSurfer Dude Outfit

• Rumors Spreadin’ Mission Map
Rumor Spreading Missions

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The Pioneer Trail: Wild Ride Missions

Wild Ride MissionsHowdy Pardners! Bert and Bart have just returned from an adventure out west. Let’s see what have they brought back.

• 5 Missions, 1 Wrapper and 1 Monday Mission
• Free Gift and Crop: Heliamphora

• New Four Stage Building: Flea Market (Decoration)
Flea Market

• New Healable Items: Gold Hoard, Cat Walk, Tanning Bed, Bargaining for Dummies, Advanced Bargaining
Gold HoardCat WalkTanning Bed
Bargaining for DummiesAdvanced Bargaining

Special Rewards: Sphynx Cat, Samurai Outfit, Tortoise Mount, Hmm… A Box
Sphynx CatSamurai Outfit, Tortoise Mount, Hmm... A Box

MISSION 1: Glad To Be Home… For Now

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The Pioneer Trail: Doc and Granny’s Wedding Missions

Doc and Granny WeddingHowdy Pardners! Come celebrate Doc and Granny’s big weddin’ and get showered with fun surprises!

• 5 Missions, 1 Wrapper and 1 Monday Mission
• Free Gift and Crop: Wedding Succulent
Wedding Succulent

• Four Stage Building: Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony

• Healable Items: Wedding Planner, Bridesmaid, Groomsman and Flower Bearer
Wedding PlannerBridesmaidGroomsmanFlower Bearer

• Special Rewards: Carriage Horse, Wedding Carriage and Wedding Crasher Outfit
Carriage HorseWedding CarriageWedding Crasher Outfit

MISSION 1: Pop The Question

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The Pioneer Trail: Statehood Missions II

Statehood2Howdy Pardners! It seems the outlying areas aren’t happy about the amount of representation they’re getting in local politics and are arriving on the homestead to protest…

• 3 Wrappers with 9 Missions and a Monday Mission
• New Crop and Free Gift – Nasturtium Flower
Nasturtium Flower

• New Healables: Gold Jig, Sweat Lodge, Foggy Tree
Gold JigSweat LodgeFoggy Tree

• Healable Items: Disgruntled Jasper, Wikiwah Spirit, Open Tomb
Disgruntled JasperWikiwah SpiritOpen Tomb

• New Rewards: Lumberjack Bear, Wikiwah Power Boost, Undertaker Costume
Lumberjack BearWikiwah Power BoostUndertaker Costume

Statehood II Mission Map
Statehood II Mission Map

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