Prepare For YoVille Thanksgiving 2012: Official Furniture Design Contest

Guest Post By Coral Ninja:

We know you guys are extremely excited about the holiday season coming up! We’ve got some amazing new releases lined up for you for halloween and thanksgiving, including this brand new contest on Yoville! This time we’re asking you to design your very own Furniture Items for Thanksgiving! Yes, and not just one or two.. twenty entries will be selected and be featured in the game!! So make sure to give it a shot as we are giving away tons of cash and items too!

To start things off, we’ re having this design contest, beginning now on October 16th till October 22nd at 11:59 P.M (PST)

The Furniture Design Contest will work the same way as the Costume design contests we’ve had in the past. Except, we’re asking you to design your own original Collectibles instead of costumes. We’ll choose 20 winners from the entries we receive and those designs will go into the game! We’re excited to see all of the talent that’s out there in the world of YoVille! So get ready to show us what you are made of!

Let’s walk through the guidelines and how to submit an entry to this contest…

– Entries will be accepted from October 16th, 2012

After all of the entries are gathered our team will announce our top choices and let the players vote for their favorites!

– Only one entry post per player. Please do not post more than once. Otherwise you will be disqualified! Spamming your entry will not be allowed.

– No modifying/editing your posts once they have been entered. Please use the preview function on your post before hitting “submit”

– No Copying any other players entries or original artwork. All designs must be created by you! Breaking this rule will receive an immediate disqualification

Please include as much detail as possible and center the ideas around Thanksgiving specifically.

– Please note we will only be accepting entries from the Entry Thread HERE –>

– To discuss this Costume Design Contest post HERE –>


The first 10 winners will receive 30 Yocash each. They will also have their collectible design showcased and sold at Stores and they will receive their design!

The remaining 10 will have their designs featured and will receive the item showcased.

How to Enter

Step 1

Go to Paint or PhotoShop or any type of image editing program you have installed on your computer and use the tools provided to design your collectible. Please remember that our devs can only do so much, so keep the collectibles you’ve seen in the game already in mind and come up with realistic ideas. Have fun with it!! Don’t be afraid to use color and/ or animation..get creative! And make sure to save along the way!!

Step 2

Next you are going to have to upload your image to an Image hosting site like Tinypic or Photobucket. If you do not already have an account you will need to create one. Once that you have uploaded your picture to your account your image will be given links and codes for the image. Make sure to Copy the IMG Code provided for your image.

Step 3

Paste your IMG code into the into the post on this thread only Please note that this thread is ONLY for submissions. Any discussions about the contest belongs here Keeping these two threads separate will help us be able to sort through entries when choosing the top entries.

Well that’s about all folks!! Make sure to stick to the rules :)

We’ll be announcing the top winners after the contest is completed and then expect to see these items in game shortly after. Good luck everyone!

Thats all for now, thanks for reading the blog and have a great Yo-Day!


Coral Ninja