YoVille Lakefront Home

yoville lakefront home YoVille Lakefront HomeIt’s only been a few days since the Pool Party House was added to the YoVille Real Estate Office, and we already have a new option. This time, the new Lakefront Home is now available to purchase for 39 YoCash.

The Lakefront Home is a two-story house – the first floor has a Deck, Kitchen, Game Room, Living Room, Bathroom, and Porch, while the second floor has two Decks, Landing (where the stairs meet the second floor), two bedrooms, and a Bathroom.

yoville lakefront home 2 YoVille Lakefront Home

Here’s what the home would look like, should you choose to purchase it. Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to do so.

yoville lakefront home outside YoVille Lakefront Home

yoville lakefront home living room YoVille Lakefront Home

YoVille lakefront home back deck YoVille Lakefront Home